Sisi Spray N' Style Featured on Central Valley Today Show!

Sisi Spray N' Style Featured on Central Valley Today Show!

We are so thrilled that Central Valley Today featured our brush on their show! Thank you so much for the feature!!! 

Tired of bad hair after an hour at the gym? Or losing space in your luggage trying to fit your hair care essentials? Sisi Spray N’ Style solves every one of these everyday problems.

 Years of struggling to brush and style her daughter’s hair left founder, Jessica Urzua, feeling frustrated. The brush bristles were always too hard, and she was constantly searching around for detangling spray when it was hair brushing time.                             

 Inspired by her daughter “Sisi” and a popular comb and spray combination from the ‘80s, she added the modern needs of women today to create her own unique design.

 Great for honeymooners, parents, stylists, travelers, and gym-goers, Sisi Spray N’ Style is the ideal way to effortlessly style your hair whether at home or on the go.

 - [ ⭐️] Women owned business and created by a mom

- [ ⭐️] It’s convenient for adults and gentle on children

- [ ⭐️] Contains 3 reusable and interchangeable spray bottles

- [ ⭐️] Can be used with hair product of choice

- [ ⭐️] Great for travel and TSA approved

- [ ⭐️] Mixed bristles that glide through tangles

- [ ⭐️] Curved brush head massages scalp and contours to your head

- [ ⭐️] Can be used on wet or dry hair

- [ ⭐️] Vented brush head design for fast blow drying

- [ ⭐️] Detangles and smooths

- [ ⭐️] Can be used on all hair types

- [ ⭐️] Sleek modern style

- [ ⭐️] The best brush for the beach or the gym

- [ ⭐️] Scalp massaging bristles

- [ ⭐️] Kids can use it with detangler and adults can use it with leave in conditioner, pre-heat treatment, or serums


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